japanarama (ripe__adultery) wrote,

world's deepest indoor pool

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that's not as cool as those underwater hotels
Happy Cheena New Year
Bev- :) Gong Hei Fat Choy
gong hei fat choi, pedro. wish you and your family all the best.
Just wondering, where are you now?
dunno how to say this but...
I'm trying to find out abt the schools here, cos I might be coming over soon

-thanks :)
omg NOWAI are we talking exchange here? details, friend, details.

i'm at college of fine arts.
No, not exchange, as in really REALLI* studying in Au. I've got no time now, will give you details this weekend~
so basically... I've taken my A levels 2 yrs ago and I'm currently working. I'll be working till next year.
So should I come over it should be within the 2008 feb/july period.
still looking around, but just to let u know, I'm into communication/media studies.

you're doing fine arts?? wow, that's exactly what my sis is doing haha
sorry? I'm the one with the late replies, work's been mad for me lately. anyways, just to let you know. I'm really considering Uni of Sydney, UM and UWA... any comments on these?

ps: is there an easier way for us to contact each other than LJ? we shud catch up soon~~