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old internet but here for posterity. once upon a time, sharing was for hippies and communists but this is too wild to keep to myself.

"the new breed of japaneseque noise!"

i am terribly pleased to present: kokeshi doll, an all-femme noise band more badass than you can beat a stick at. if you liked shiina ringo when she was flying solo, then you'll most likely dig kkd because well they pwn shiina ten times over. kkd are so kickass, they will leave you whimpering on the floor in a fetal position.

style-wise, their sound is utterly mad and raw and intense. naomi sings like her throat's going to hurt the next day. she has one of the most amazing and versatile voice ranges i have ever heard, leaping between crooning to psychotic screeching to metal constipation in seconds, crippling listeners, by the unearthly power of her voice alone. i suspect naomi may, in fact, be the missing link between "noise" and "music". if at first you don't like it, not to worry. it grows on you. like cancer.

don’t expect kkd to be melodic like bleach or punky like red bacteria vacuum, nosiree. these girls don’t roll like that. they make music for one solid purpose: to rock your cock. eta according to their ohp, their 784th bassist has left. goddamn, female indies bands are even worse then male vk bands when it comes to disbanding.

the following single has appeared on the compilation album, JAPAN FOR SALE VOLUME.4, alongside l'arc's "ready steady go", and it is quite frankly, wild.

01 蓮池の唄 (song of hasuike).mp3

2002 debut album


血液, 0-0, 単細胞キラー, 10 5 N, 偽口論, 口論, ノウノウ, あの娘, 小指
try pie, try
2003 latest effort. wicked, wicked good.


蓮池の唄, 1927.7.24, スウイサイドブギー, メス虐魚, HEAVY, 白い箱, ミケネコの毛, 死に逝くあたしへ
try pie, try

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