japanarama (ripe__adultery) wrote,

back in full force, full flava

the internets died on me. good god it was a grievous period but now everything is a-ok. a lot has happened during that time, including but not limited to: doing nothing all livelong day but frolick under the sun, getting really sloshed every other day, cutting my finger on a toilet lid

firstly, i feel a great sense of fulfillment in being the last person globally to see it.

secondly, the audience turn out was curious, being an assortment of middle-aged couples, grans and a handful of teens. having now relegated to the ranks of those who have seen bbm, i can say with conviction that it is a great movie, but not profound, and folks complaining of the "slow" pacing is justifiable. bbm tugged at my heartstrings, inspired in me feelings of mixed variety, and the final sequence was mighty powerful and haunting stuff, but it didn't quite get there for me which i guess was disappointing.

acting-wise, ledger gave a solid performance. his character's pain was half-palpable but not stellar enough for an oscar imo. that being said, all the fawning ledger and gyllenhaal have been showered with is somewhat merited. the score was epic, even if i kept thinking of oklahoma.

there were a few sniggers during the tent scene but sniffling was heard all over the theater towards the end. some fool walked out during the kissing scene.

all in all, bbm was compelling enough. i'm satisfied in many regards but ang lee is at best a visual director and the film only excelled in this particular aspect.

i've been musing. for years, people have formulated theories re: the correlation between internet usage and being a total fuckwad as that of a natural phenomenon. generally speaking, most internetters abide steadfastly to a "can't everybody get along?" principle whilst trying their best to ignore the trolls and the asshats, but this is not always the case.

take me for example. irl, i am a normal person. however, when compounded by the anonymity of the internet i have slowly but surely degenerated into a total wanker given my propensity to overindulge and self-serve in fandoms. this is a scientific law, proven by all sorts of fandom observations. however, until now, no one could feasibly explain why this equation held true, or why so many people on the internets are such incredible wankers.

this is in stark contrast to the theory that dictates the assorted variety of people who live on the internets range from "nice" to "absolute bastard". because of "natural deletion", however, we can actually expect to find very few genuinely nice people, as the large majority will be tremendous assholes, and the nice people will inevitably die out or evolve into wankers themselves.

in short, everyone eventually becomes a wanker on the internets. everyone WOULD already be a wanker were it not for the flaming n00bz, or the rare occurrences when a nice person manages to engage in a symbiotic relationship with a wanker, who in turn protects them from the other wankers.

refer to fandoms and their corresponding communities to witness "natural deletion" first-hand.

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