japanarama (ripe__adultery) wrote,


in breaking news: babel. filtering this film through the perspective of an american couple presents the same message as midnight express. in other words, "aren't foreigners simply awful?"

here is a summary of what i think babel is really about:
1. moroccans are gunhappy nutters who only have one ambulance.
2. mexicans can't be trusted with children.
3. brits and french can't be trusted with a minibus and will abandon the yanks in the lurch.
4. the damn japs started it all, either with a hunting gun or pearl harbour.

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By half-time of Babel, I was ignoring the plot completely.

There are supposedly 5 or 6 things you still can't show in film, and I spent the rest of the movie making a list and ticking them off in my head as they happened. I could almost imagine the filmmakers sitting around and toasting themselves for being 'subversive.'
Whoa, there's some major activity happening here! What have I missed? Friend me again? I personally thought Babel rocked.. but half of that is because I adore Alejandro..=D Hope everything is well, speak soon! And hey, about those grass skirts...
know this is random--
but when is ur bday? :p
AD:LJFL:KSJF don't remind me.

it's nov 5 but.

when are you coming to oz, then?
whats wrong? haha yes, we're old and balding.
5th Nov? whooo that's the exact day I am released from service.
as for when can I come over... definitely after sept.. maybe in nov? ughh sorry for e delay. my leaves got cancelled.
UR old and balding. :| plz, it's terrible.

really? that's great! wait how does that work out with your trip to down under though? we have to totally catch up when you get here, yer.